Elyssia is a new age duo featuring musician and composer from England Paul Landry and Danish born singer Marianne Lihannah. The combination see's Paul's new age and ambient music compositions merged with Marianne's mezzo soprano singing and folk singing. They have released two album's, 'A Sound for Sore Souls', (2017) which is a play on words of 'a sight for sore eyes'. It features new age and ambient songs along with Marianne's beautiful singing and vocal arrangements. Their second album released in 2019, is quite different as it is a prog rock concept album with lyrics about the utopia; 'Arcadia', (the name of the album). Elyssia has also released lots of singles. Presently they are working on their third album, 'Paradise Lost'. Elyssia's songs have featured on a number of radio stations, Renee Blanche's Night Tides, One World Music Radio and  Terry Hawkes radio programme on Harborough FM.



Born in Merseyside UK, Paul Landry has been playing music since he picked up a guitar in 1985. Paul has a diploma in philosophy in psychology and an Honours degree in Religion with a focus on new religions and Indian religious philosophy. Outside of music his interests are religious philosophy and new religions as well as travel.  Some years ago he made an 18 day trip to the Arctic by train to film the northern lights, recording the music for the short film made on the journey on the trains and hotels en route. Paul is a proliferous composer, who  has released countless CD's / albums and EPs. He also provides music for guided meditations with some project partners and has done a lot of music collaborations. His music is a regular feature on a number of radio programmes. Paul has several successful Youtube Channels and Soundclouds for new age music, ambient music and progressive rock, that have had over 35 million views and listens and tens of thousands of subscribers between them.  For more info about Paul, visit his website and Sound Cloud and YouTube Channels here: http://www.paulssounds.com                                                                                                                                                               
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/newagemusicgarden
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/newagemusicgarden
Soundcloud: â€‹https://soundcloud.com/meditation-music

Marianne Lihannah, originally from Denmark, has been singing all her life. She, holds a number of singing and performing diplomas from Trinity College London and from Tonalis.  She has performed widely across England, Wales and Ireland. Also in Chartres in France.  She has sung in various duos 'Si Canta Duo' and the trio 'Si Canta', as well as frequently performing as a solo singer. Her solo singing spans singing with choirs, consorts, in plays with main singing roles, in oratorio, as a wedding singer, funeral singer, folk singer and classical singer with musicians playing many different kinds of instruments. Now this latest collaboration and duo (Elyssia) is with Paul, who writes songs for her voice.

Marianne also writes her own songs, plays the nyckelharpa and has released a number of CD/Albums, singles and an EP. Many has already been played on radio programmes. She is also singing on quite a number of collaboration albums.

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